Buckwheat macaroni 250g
Buckwheat macaroni 250g

Buckwheat macaroni 250g

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Products with organic and gluten-free wholemeal buckwheat flour. Handcrafted to enhance its qualities without altering them.


The buckwheat macaroni of the Almafood line are produced only with 100% Italian flour of organic origin.

Naturally gluten-free, buckwheat flour follows an artisanal pasta making process with bronze drawing and drying at a low temperature. All these precautions allow to keep its flavor intact and enhance its origin and seasonality.Buckwheat contains all eight essential amino acids in optimal proportions, is an excellent source of fiber and the proteins contained within it are distinguished by their high value biological.

A truly inevitable food on our tables, also ideal for vegan and vegetarian diets.

Senza glutine
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Nutritional facts

Average nutritional intake per 100g       Energy 1424 KJ – 337 kCal
Fat 2.68 %
saturated fatty acids 0.60%
Carbohydrates 61.4%
of which sugars 1.13%
crude fiber 11.4%
Proteins  11.2%
Salt <0,01%

Other information

Ingredients Organic buckwheat flour, "Tullia" bottled mineral water
Cooking time 8 minutes; good cooking resistance
Weight 250g
Features Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
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