GOLDITALY was born from the idea of curating only the best products that Italian small-and medium-sized enterprises have to offer and making them available in a single online marketplace

OBJECTIVE: A unique "touchpoint" that brings together the best 'Made in Italy' production by focusing on the organic nature of our supply chain, the concept of "slow food", the quality of our ingredients, and respect for the environment -- all to achieve concrete advancements in the market space by enhancing Italian organic ecosystem.

Who are We

Golditaly was founded in 2019 on an understanding that a new way of distributing Italian agri-food was required to adapt to a rapidly-evolving landscape. By working with a team of professionals in digital and operational marketing, and through the introduction of innovative technology, GoldItaly seeks to revolutionize the agri-food distribution space.

We believe there is a strong relationship between eating well and living well -- which is why we take pride in the Italian territory, which is one of the most biodiverse areas in the world. Similarly, we maintain acute awareness of the ingredients used throughout our supply chain, and we avoid, to the greatest extent possible, industrial additives such as: nitrates, artificial colors and flavors, syrups of any kind, refined sugars, and more. Our aim is to transform our raw materials as little as possible, keeping them natural, organic, and healthy.

We select only Italian production -- but that focus doesn't stop at the label. We maintain careful scrutiny over the suppliers we use, choosing only those whose raw materials are also of Italian origin; this guarantees quality to the final consumer. Only certified organic companies, or companies in the process of receiving their certifications, are permitted to become part of the GoldItaly network.

MISSION - is to become the reference digital food and beverage marketplace for certified 'Made in Italy' products, both domestically and internationally.



Health and Wellness

We believe in the importance of healthy eating; to that end, we offer the highest-quality products that reinforce the link to Italy's rich food and wine traditions. We are committed to selecting products which feature a complete nutritional base in order to enhance all aspects of the human body. For this reason, we opt to focus our research towards the furtherance of Italian biodynamic agriculture in order to:

Create a unique product space with the highest of nutritional and qualitative value, and

Enhance Italy's organic ecosystem to help combat the counterfeiting of Italian products, both at home and abroad.

Integrated Logistics

Our products are managed by a fully-certified warehouse featuring tightly-integrated logistics. This ensures not only strict quality control over the goods and services we offer, but also total compliance with environmental protection regulations. We have implemented a product traceability system that allows customers to follow their orders throughout their life cycles, from the first producer to their front door. Orders placed Monday through Thursday will be dispatched within 24 hours..

GoldItaly pledges to promote the Italian organic ecosystem and defend authentic Italian manufacturing against the continuous counterfeiting of Italian products around the world.

The Brand

The idea to use the artichoke to symbolize the GoldItaly brand arose shortly after the company's formation. The artichoke is a vegetable of the highest quality, where the leaves represent the various suppliers with whom we operate, all connected to the stem of our digital platform which conveys the products to our consumers. Taken together, the artichoke thus becomes symbolic of not only our company, but the entire Italian IGP/DOP environment, where the participating companies have the common objective of offering a guarantee of quality, health, and well-being, as well as committing to product traceability and safety in order to promote the state of Italian biodynamic agriculture.

In addition to its lengthy modern history, the artichoke was prized by both the Greeks and the Romans, who saw such benefit in its properties that they considered it a plant fit for royalty, synonymous with health and well-being. The plant also possesses a wealth of beneficial micronutrients and boasts singular therapeutic virtues.

This choice of symbol, therefore, identifies GoldItaly's business model: to create a union of carefully-selected, certified companies to guarantee maximum safety and quality to the customer.