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Extra kiwi gold and ginger jam 220ml

Extra kiwi gold and ginger jam 220ml

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Born from the meeting of the precious gold kiwis grown in the lower Tyrrhenian and the pungent taste of ginger.

212 ml jar.


Dipunta jam is obtained with the skilful processing of the precious gold kiwi that meets ginger.

Kiwi gold contains a lot of vitamin C and is at the same time rich in fiber and potassium, an important food to have on our tables. Its unmistakable flavor blends with the pungent one of ginger.

Ginger is a plant with multiple properties, including anti-inflammatory and antioxidant. Only fresh fruit processed by hand without preservatives or dyes.


Nutritional facts

Average nutritional intake per 100g       Energy 200 Kcal
Fat 0,34g
saturated fatty acids 0,09g
Carbohydrates 48,5g
of which sugars 46,6g
Fibre 1,2g
Proteins  0,74g
Vitamina C 0,5g
Salt 0,002g

Other information

Ingredients Yellow kiwi (60% min.), Sugar, lemon juice, ginger (1%), fruit pectin
Cooking time -----
Formato 212ml
Features Vegan, Vegetarian
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