Puffed brown rice 125g
Puffed brown rice 125g

Puffed brown rice 125g

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Products with brown rice from organic farming and, by its origin, gluten-free.

125g pack.


Almafood's puffed brown rice is obtained by simply cooking the grain at high pressure which takes on the rounded shape and crunchy texture, natural.

Ideal for introducing tasty variations in any type of diet, even paired with yogurt and soups. The rice used is grown in Italy, 100% organic and naturally gluten-free.

To avoid and completely eliminate the risk of contamination, the production laboratory has been dedicated exclusively to organic and gluten-free products. Also ideal for vegan or vegetarian diets.

Senza glutine
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Nutritional facts

Average nutritional intake per 100g       Energy 1564 KJ / 369 Kcal
Fat 2% ±1
saturated fatty acids 0.3%
Carbohydrates 70% ±5
of which sugars 0.9%
crude fiber 4.3% ±1
Proteins  6.0% ±1.5
Salt 0.1%

Other information

Ingredients Whole husked rice from organic farming
Cooking time ---
Weight 125 g
Features Organic, Gluten Free, Vegan, Vegetarian
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